Our offices in Hamilton

Our offices in Hamilton

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Our Services

Leonards was founded in 1946 by two ex-servicemen who qualified in law on their return from active war service.

The firm has operated from the same premises since 1952 and has built up a reputation for quality of advice and service. The firm originally specialised in personal injury litigation, but over the years our areas of expertise have grown and now include all forms of civil litigation, residential and commercial conveyancing, as well as wills and estates.

A - Z Services

  • Accident Claims
  • Acquisition of Development Sites
  • Buying and selling houses
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Criminal Injury Compensation
  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Franchising
  • Guardianship
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Mental Health
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Powers of Attorney and Criminal Defence
  • Pre-Nuptial Marriage Contracts
  • Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Re-mortgages
  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses
  • Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property
  • Short Assured Tenancies
  • Wills and Estates

Accident Claims

Accidents can occur in many settings - at work; a car crash or a simple trip in the street. If negligence or fault can be established and if you have suffered injury as a result, you may be able to seek compensation. This is not restricted to your pain and suffering. There may also be financial loss such as loss of earnings past and future. Such claims can be substantial involving complex calculations which require consideration of any loss of pension rights and rights of promotion as well as heads of claim for any services provided to you by your relatives as a result of the accident. Services which you would normally provide to your family such as DIY and gardening can also be part of your compensation claim. A proportion of claims normally settle by way of negotiation but others do require to be litigated at court on questions of whether legal liability can be established and/or the value of the claim. It is important, therefore, that you are aware if you indeed have a claim and the extent of that claim. We deal with a large number of high value claims.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved by way of negotiation and there may be times when you find that you require to pursue an action in court or indeed defend an action raised against you. We have a wealth of expertise in litigation in a broad spectrum of areas including debt, contract matters, interdict and actions for payment. Our expertise is in conducting legal arguments and debates and conducting proofs where evidence requires to be heard. We have conducted appeals and are able to advise you at each stage of the court process. We have represented a number of local companies dealing with debt recovery and pursuing actions for payment for them as well as for individuals.

Commercial Leasing

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant preparation of a proper lease for commercial property is essential. Duration, repairing obligation, dilapidations, etc are all areas where disputes are common and it is in both parties interests for leases to be carefully prepared to reflect what has been agreed. Commercial Lenders expect leases to be in terms which protect their interests too.

Criminal Defence

Have you been charged by the police with an offence or served with court papers to appear and answer a charge? From road traffic offences to offences such as assault, we can represent you at court and conduct a trial in your defence or a plea in mitigation. We can also give you advice on likely disposals and sentences.

Development Sites

We act for a number of developers. We can handle acquisition of the site and all the important issues which arise during that part of the transaction, including planning consent and site servicing. This is a crucial part of the transaction. Everything has to be just right to enable the houses to be built safe in the knowledge that all the paperwork will have to pass scrutiny by all the solicitors acting on behalf of purchasers. Thereafter we can deal with preparation of the Deed of Conditions and management of sales transactions, appointment of a Factor etc.

Family Law and Divorce

When relationships break down there are often financial, property and practical matters regarding the arrangements for the care of your children which require to be resolved. This can be a trying and emotional time and we can offer guidance and advice on your legal rights and obligations in a professional and sensitive manner. The law has now been extended and recognises and provides rights to cohabitants and to those who are in a civil partnership to make application for financial provision. We can advise in relation to all child related matters such as the Childrens Hearing system and Petitions for adoption.

Guardianship/Adults with Incapacity

If your relative does not have capacity to grant a Power of Attorney, it is possible to apply to the court for an order to deal with a specific individual situation such as an intervention order. General and wider powers can be conferred by seeking the court appointment as "Guardian" which also necessitates the involvement of the Office of the Public Guardian. This would allow you to make decisions in relation to your relative's personal welfare and/or financial matters such as deciding where your relative should live, paying debts or selling property. In addition, we can also represent adults at Mental Health Tribunals opposing applications for their detention at hospital, or Compulsory Treatment Orders.

Home Sales and Purchases

Buying or selling your home is a very important transaction which requires careful handling by someone who knows what they are doing. Attention to detail by experienced Solicitors, Paralegals and Support Staff is standard at Leonards. We are not interested in high volume, low fee business. We believe in providing a good quality service at a reasonable price. There is no point in spending six figures on a house and skimping on the legal work. Contact us for a competitive fee quotation.

Liquor Licensing

Licensed premises cannot survive without the appropriate Licence and with the introduction of the new licensing regime under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 all Licensees must convert into the new system by the end of 2009 in order to protect their "grandfather" rights. We deal with applications for new licenses and transfers of licenses, applications for personal licenses, consents for alterations and licensing review hearings. Contact us for further information.

Medical Negligence

This is a very detailed and complex area of law. To be successful with such a claim we require to establish that no other doctor or medical expert would have treated you in the way that they did or failed to treat you in a certain manner. This necessarily involves obtaining independent expert opinions which will be crucial to the success of any future case. In addition we require to show that you have suffered a loss as a result of the doctor's actions or omissions which in general follow the heads of claim mentioned above.

Powers of Attorney

Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney give relatives power to make decisions on our behalf when we are no longer able to make them ourselves. They can only be granted by persons who still have legal capacity (i.e. who are able to understand what the document means) and it is sensible to grant a Power of Attorney and hope that the document is never required. If it is required it can be produced and exhibited to the appropriate authorities. Powers of Attorney can be produced quickly but the wording is crucial and professional input is essential.

Pre-nuptial Marriage Contracts

These are becoming increasingly popular particularly with those who have been married before. Provided that they contain provisions which are not unreasonable such contracts are enforceable through the courts.

Purchase and Sale of Businesses

These transactions require careful planning and proper documentation. They involve making the right decisions about financing, choice of premises (lease or purchase), is a Licence required, the tax implications of the structure of the transaction, the right of employees etc. We have considerable experience of these transactions and can guide from beginning to completion.


Everyone should have a Will. It requires more work and expense to wind up someone's estate if there is no Will. Without a Will your estate will be distributed in the way required by law rather than the way you want. Wills need not be complicated but they do require careful preparation.

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